Month: June 2017

Metal Roofing Houston

Standing Seam Metal Roof

The primary characterization of a standing seam metal roof is the raised interlocking seams between panels that allows water to run off without seeping between the panels. Metal roofing hold a number of other advantages. They are very resistant to fire, water, wind and hail. They are energy efficient in that they will readily reflect the sun, thereby saving on cooling costs. They are also low maintenance. They can be easily installed on top of existing roofing such as asphalt or coal and tar, saving on removal and dumping costs. Metal roofing Houston is often used for large buildings due to its strength to weight ratio. Painted metal roofs can also shed snow and ice quite easily making it particularly useful in colder climates. Metal is also easily recycled and the recycling process is very efficient. Finally, a metal roof such as a standing seam metal roof is very durable often with a lifespan three times that of an asphalt shingle roof.

Gable Roof

A gable roof has the triangle shape common to many roofs. The shape of the gable is determined by the underlying structure used, often due to climactic factors, and aesthetic reasons. The use of gable style roofing has a long history with many variations found in modern architecture. Advantages include ease of installation which in turn tends to make it a cost effective choice. Most Houston metal roof contractors prefer installing  metal roofing on a gable style roof. It does not require the more complex structure of a hip roof, for example. The metal roof also tends to get a lot of style points due to the many possible variations. Living space underneath a gable roof is more easily optimized than some other roof types.
Unfortunately gable roofs have some distinct disadvantages. They are a bad roof type to have in high wind conditions such as a hurricane. The shape of a gable roof resembles that of an airfoil, the more so with a shallower slope, and wind moving across it will try to lift it similar to the wing of an airplane. This is mitigated somewhat by a steeper angle roof which will “stall” the wind and prevent the airfoil effect. Overall the gable roof is a very popular choice used in many architectural designs.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing can be made from a variety of materials including plastic and fiberglass but is most commonly made of metal. Reasons for corrugation include increase of strength in the roofing sheet and aesthetics. Corrugated roofing materials tend to have a good strength to weight ratio while staying quite flexible. Non-metal roofing can be used to let light shine through. Fiberglass corrugated roofing does carry some disadvantages. It does not insulate very well against heat or cold. Because of its thin light nature it can be very loud in rain. It can also rip off more easily in high winds than heavier types of roofing. Ultimately, while corrugation of roofing sheets does offer some benefits, the larger part of associated advantages and disadvantages lie with the type of material from which the corrugated roofing is made.

Hip Roof

A hip roof is a roof type where all sides of the roof slope down toward the walls. On a square building a hip roof will look like a gently sloping pyramid. The advantages of a hip roof include the ability to put eaves troughs on all sides thereby sparing the walls some weather wear and tear. A distinct plus for the hip roof is that it stands up much better against wind storms such …

Commercial Mold Remediation

Is Mold Making Your Business Property Unsafe For Human Habitation

If you suspect any of the Toxic Molds are growing on your property you need to have the mold removed. A commercial mold remediation firm can come in and do a cursory inspection and determine if there is mold. If there is mold then you’ll need a professional mold inspection firm to do a full inspection to determine what molds are present and the degree of the infestation. If the inspection is positive your commercial mold remediation firm will eradicate the mold and correct the problem that allowed it to flourish. You then get another inspection to ensure the job was correctly and all mold has been eradicated. Going forward, we recommend you have any rugs or carpets cleaned at least once a year. In the Austin area, this is the carpet cleaning company we recommend.

Mold Can Lead To Serious Health Problems

If there are harmless types of mold, there are also dangerous kinds that can cause serious health problems. An example of this type of mold is called Toxic Mold or Black Mold, which sends dangerous spores called Mycotoxins into the environment making it harmful to humans. These Mycotoxins interfere with our cell and DNA function resulting in serious health problems. Some of these dangerous molds are identified as Stachybotrys Mold or Black Mold, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. These types of mold have been known to cause illnesses such as skin rashes, memory problems, respiratory illness, and even brain damage. Illness determined to be caused by mold in the workplace can be a serious liability.

What Is Mold

Mold is a type of microscopic organism or fungi that grows in a damp environment and there are about 200,000 types, most of which are harmless. They thrive on soil, air, and practically everywhere as long as there are moisture, oxygen, and some organic matter. Certain types of mold are found in soil, plants, and even crops like corn and wheat. Mold likes damp and shady areas and can be found indoors. For molds to survive, they thrive on four factors: mold spores that are in the air and easily inhaled by humans, food (molds like to feed on carbon-based organic material), temperature (molds enjoy the same temperature as we humans do), and lastly, moisture (molds need humidity).

Toxic Mold Can Become A Serious Liability

If mold is present in your business property, consider taking action immediately to correct the problem. This will help alleviate any further indoor air quality issues for you and your employees. Contact the commercial mold remediation firm now and have your property checked.

If you would like more information about mold remediation for your business go here.…

How House Demolition Services Can Help You With Rebuilding Your New Home

There comes a time in your daily life when you need to hire a house demolition service. There could be a number of reasoned explanations why you need a house demolition service i. e. you want to defeat part of your old home, you want to completely demolish a classic home you may have purchased to build a new family home from scratch. In most cases demolition of small and medium sized family homes is not a problem and can be accomplished with some heavy equipment and experienced professionals. However , it is usually important that you hire a professional service backed by years of experience.

Types of demolition services

As mentioned above the method of demolition for small homes and buildings is relatively simple and requires just heavy machinery that will pull down the structure. Nevertheless , for larger buildings like multi-story office buildings and sky scrapers the process requires more planning. There are two primary types of demolition i. e. nonexplosive demolition and explosive demolition.

Whilst it may seem like a simple process, demolition also requires significantly more than just tearing down the building. A number of safety procedures need to be carried out prior to a home being demolished which includes:

· Safety work plans

· Getting all the required permissions

· Removal of hazardous materials

· 20 yard dumpster rentals

· Rodent baiting

When the above have been taken care of the building can be demolished utilising the following methods:

· Cranes with wrecking balls are acclimatized to take down small and medium-sized buildings

· Hydraulic excavators fitted with rams remove all the concrete blocks

· Bulldozers

Since the demolition process stirs up a lot of dust and sand fire hoses are used to water down the dust. However , when ‘building implosion’ (another way of demolition) is used explosives often take down the building nearly immediately. However , careful planning and calculation is required to make certain that the building falls in the right direction and causes no damage to other nearby located structures.…

What You Should Know About Demolition

There are many engineering issues that have to be considered when taking on a demolition project. Other problems might be incurred from the original plans that were not foreseen first of the work. Materials that have been not specified originally can become apparent as the work progresses and all staff members must be aware of the safety aspects involved should unspecified materials become evident.

Demolition businesses are part of a much bigger construction industry. The demolition companies will have most of the same specialist tools and the necessary experience handling materials that are common to areas of the construction industry, like construction debris dumpsters.

It is usual to find demolition companies in two different categories namely property construction and non property construction. The first will be engaged in apartments, commercial business and office properties while the other side of the demolition industry will be concerned with motorways, pavements and non inhabitable projects.

Thorough preparation needs to be completed prior to starting a demolition project. All safety requirements need to be met to ensure the safety of personnel on site along with any neighbouring buildings. Staff should all be aware of the way in which the job is to be performed with the correct tools employed for the appropriate part of the demolition. Listed below are guidelines to follow to ensure that no legal regulations are contravened.

Work should never be started without a Safety Council demolition notice or a statement that such a notice is not required. Depending upon the criteria the Environmental Health Department may well not need to be notified of the demolition. To do the final job cleanup you can call a junk removal company in Cedar Park.…

What Is the Purpose of a Demolition Contractor?

A demolition contractor is an individual that is specially trained in tearing down old or unused buildings. It is always a risky job to demolish any old construction because those constructions are usually weakened and will be broken down at any time if they are not handled watchfully. A demolition manager should be aware of all the necessary steps to demolish any sort of old and weakened building safely and legally.

A demolition contractor is usually hired to tear down a structurally unstable or unsafe building. A demolition manager needs several kinds of specialist tools and equipment to do their job properly, and a skilled demolition contractor will be able to competently operate all of those necessary equipments. A professional demolition contractor usually possesses their own tools and equipments and also manpower to perform their jobs.

A few of the heavy machinery that a demolition manager needs to use may include sledge hammers, chainsaws, jackhammers, bulldozers, cranes and wrecking balls, roll off dumpster rentals. Sometimes, they even need to use explosives like C4. Therefore , anyone who’s looking to hire a demolition contractor needs to make sure that they have been qualified and trained to a certain standard because they should use sensitive items in the demolition process which can be dangerous if the item just isn’t used properly. The services of the demolition manager needs to be professional to get the desired result.

If the target construction is not surrounded by other buildings and has empty areas surrounding it, then it becomes a rather easier task for the demolition contractors to complete. On the contrary, if it is surrounded by several other buildings, then it is a difficult job for the demolition contractors to tear down their target building. In such a case, they have to be extra careful on their task so that the surrounding buildings aren’t getting harmed during the demolition process.

A professional demolition manager should comprehend the entire demolition process precisely and they ought to complete their jobs in an efficient and competent manner. An experienced demolition contractor can suggest for their clients what the proper approaches to have their buildings demolished in the quickest & most effective way possible.…

What Is Green Demolition?

Globalization has been playing a prominent role in promoting green technologies and initiatives all over the globe. Green Demolition is one of the offshoots of the global green initiative that involves reduction of waste during a construction project. Additionally, it involves the strategic utilization of recycling and reusing of the materials that have been utilized in the demolition process. Green Demolition is still a nascent industry, though it is getting recognized in the US and several areas of the world.

What does Green Demolition involve?

A home can become unfit to live after several years of dwelling. Such a situation may possibly arise due to the usage of poor construction materials, unsanitary conditions due to the increase of toxic and chemical waste along with other safety hazards.

It is often common to have your home repaired. However , the cost of repair risk turning out to be so high that it will become necessary to destroy and re-construct the complete structure. Unlike the standard demolition process that is completed with a bulldozer, if you go for Green Demolition, the residual materials are neither damaged nor contaminated. These materials are instead recycled and reused for the reconstruction. At least 50-60 percent of all of the materials of the house such as bricks, masonry, wooden floors, cabinets and drywalls can be recycled and used for the subsequent construction purposes.

What are its benefits?

Using Green Demolition brings a lot of benefits not merely to individuals, but also to the community and environment on a whole.

Offers safety – This type of demolition supplies a lot of the safety to the project as well as to the neighborhood. When it comes to demolishing a structure, the traditional demolition process causes wastage of resources, high-level of pollution as a result of toxic and hazardous materials (if not properly treated), noise pollution, and destruction of trees.

Effective waste management – Recycling that requires processing old materials in to new ones and reusing of the old material are effective waste management practices that are used to protect the environmental surroundings and increases sustainability within the earth. Green demolition saves around 80 percent of the construction waste from a landfill.…