Commercial Mold Remediation

Is Mold Making Your Business Property Unsafe For Human Habitation

If you suspect any of the Toxic Molds are growing on your property you need to have the mold removed. A commercial mold remediation firm can come in and do a cursory inspection and determine if there is mold. If there is mold then you’ll need a professional mold inspection firm to do a full inspection to determine what molds are present and the degree of the infestation. If the inspection is positive your commercial mold remediation firm will eradicate the mold and correct the problem that allowed it to flourish. You then get another inspection to ensure the job was correctly and all mold has been eradicated. Going forward, we recommend you have any rugs or carpets cleaned at least once a year. In the Austin area, this is the carpet cleaning company we recommend.

Mold Can Lead To Serious Health Problems

If there are harmless types of mold, there are also dangerous kinds that can cause serious health problems. An example of this type of mold is called Toxic Mold or Black Mold, which sends dangerous spores called Mycotoxins into the environment making it harmful to humans. These Mycotoxins interfere with our cell and DNA function resulting in serious health problems. Some of these dangerous molds are identified as Stachybotrys Mold or Black Mold, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. These types of mold have been known to cause illnesses such as skin rashes, memory problems, respiratory illness, and even brain damage. Illness determined to be caused by mold in the workplace can be a serious liability.

What Is Mold

Mold is a type of microscopic organism or fungi that grows in a damp environment and there are about 200,000 types, most of which are harmless. They thrive on soil, air, and practically everywhere as long as there are moisture, oxygen, and some organic matter. Certain types of mold are found in soil, plants, and even crops like corn and wheat. Mold likes damp and shady areas and can be found indoors. For molds to survive, they thrive on four factors: mold spores that are in the air and easily inhaled by humans, food (molds like to feed on carbon-based organic material), temperature (molds enjoy the same temperature as we humans do), and lastly, moisture (molds need humidity).

Toxic Mold Can Become A Serious Liability

If mold is present in your business property, consider taking action immediately to correct the problem. This will help alleviate any further indoor air quality issues for you and your employees. Contact the commercial mold remediation firm now and have your property checked.

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